We feel so blessed to have found each other, and even more so to have the love and support of so many at this time in our lives. This is a true love story. Thank you for being apart of our special day, and the offical start of our lives together as a family. We are new parents and can't wait to expand our family as we feel we have so much more love to give. Going on our honeymoon is important to us because it will be our first time we are able to enjoy eachothers company as a married couple. Something we have been looking foward to for a long time. We thank you for helping us in our efforts to have that special time together before returning home to our beautiful son and little family.


We’re so happy to have you as part of this moment and look forward to seeing you on Febuary 22,2015. Please sign our guest book to let us know you stopped by :)



Nicole and Jimmy

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